La Belle Noiseuse – Divertimento


Time Out says

Rivette here remodels La Belle Noiseuse into another film entirely, using alternative takes, recutting to a much brisker rhythm, and book-ending it with a discreetly but crucially different beginning and ending. The lengthy close-ups of painter Bernard Dufour's hand in action have gone; so have most of the agonising sittings in which Piccoli tries to wring out of Béart the realisation of his ideal masterpiece. This makes for a less tangible sense of painting's material nature, and makes more of a mystery out of the artist-model relationship; the emphasis shifts radically on to Piccoli's wife (Birkin), who now sees the sittings from outside, much as we do. It's a lighter film, but by no means slighter, more like the difference between a Henry James short story and an extended performance piece.

By: JRo


Release details

126 mins

Cast and crew

Jacques Rivette
Pascal Bonitzer, Christine Laurent, Jacques Rivette
Michel Piccoli
Jane Birkin
Emmanuelle Béart
David Bursztein
Marianne Denicourt
Gilles Arbona
Marie Belluc
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