La Chose publique


Time Out says

This directorial debut from the popular actor Amalric is terribly French. Commissioned to make a film by Arte on the Godardian theme of 'masculine/feminine', Philippe has the off-the-wall idea of making it in the frame of a documentary on local politics. Meanwhile his marriage is on the rocks. (The title puns on the phrase 'public affairs'.) Jokey and autobiographical, it's haphazardly constructed and looks dreadful - then Le Pen scores massive gains in the national election and the film becomes much more searching.


Release details

83 mins

Cast and crew

Mathieu Amalric
Marcelo Novais Teles, Christine Dory, Mathieu Amalric
Michèle Laroque
Arthur Boissau
Christelle Prot
Jean-Quentin Châtelain
Bernard Menez
Claude Régy
Anne Alvaro
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