La Discrète

Film, Comedy

Time Out says

In this very Rohmer-esque film, Rohmer alumnus Fabrice Luchini is wonderfully cringesome as a literary dilettante who revenges himself on womankind by writing a seduction diary at the expense of a randomly chosen victim. The interest lies not so much in the predictable intrigue - it almost reads like a commonplace seduction comedy - as in the treatment of a particularly unpalatable strain of French amorous discourse. Seen from the perspective of Old World libertinage - the film drops its eighteenth century references liberally enough to tip you off - it takes issue with a tradition of socially-sanctioned nastiness. It is also perilously balanced on the quality of its performances: idiosyncratic new name Judith Henry, and Luchini displaying a fabulous repertoire of prissy tics and moues. If nothing else, see it for the way he answers the telephone.


Release details

95 mins

Cast and crew

Christian Vincent
Christian Vincent, Jean-Pierre Ronssin
Maurice Garrel
Judith Henry
Fabrice Luchini
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