La Fin du Jour


Time Out says

Set in an abbey that serves as a retirement home for actors, rife with squabbles, jealousies and remembrances of past glory, to which a threat of closure adds waves of despairing self-pity, La Fin du Jour once rated highly as a biting depictment (like La Règle du Jeu though in a different key) of the decadence of France just before World War II. Despite its dark edges, it hasn't worn nearly so well as Renoir's masterpiece, with a complacently whimsical sentimentality constantly threatening to break through. The performances, though, are terrific: Jouvet as the suave ladykiller determined to maintain his image at all costs; Simon as the hopeless ham who lived out a marginal career as the eternal understudy; Francen as the classical artist too proud to court popular success and still regretting it.

By: TM


Release details

108 mins

Cast and crew

Julien Duvivier
Charles Spaak, Julien Duvivier
Louis Jouvet
Michel Simon
Victor Francen
Madeleine Ozeray
Gabrielle Dorziat
François Périer
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