La Maison de Jade


Time Out says

Older woman falls for younger man and - we could have warned her - ends up alone, swigging from the Martell bottle as she sobs through their old camcorder footage. An adaptation by Trintignant and Madeleine Chapsal of the latter's allegedly autobiographical bestseller, this is all relentlessly subjective. In the early snog 'n' bonk stages, young Perez is presented as the epitome of charm and desirability, though many will yearn to see a custard pie collide with that would-be brooding pan. But after splitting, he is portrayed as a contemptible little coward, and again audience sympathies may reverse, with the reflection that no such all-round wonderful person as Bisset ever walked the earth.

By: BBa


Release details

98 mins

Cast and crew

Nadine Trintignant
Nadine Trintignant, Madeleine Chapsal
Jacqueline Bisset
Vincent Perez
Véronique Silver
Yves Lambrecht
Serge Marquand
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