La Montagna del Dio Cannibale

Film, Action and adventure

Time Out says

Kicking off with such gastronomic delights as the ingestion of live iguanas, snakes, toads and other wriggly things, this climaxes rather tamely with a main course of very dead human. In between, with Ursula Andress in New Guinea looking for her missing ethnologist husband, there is a fair helping of native bashing, alligator mauling, and the many ways Ursula can fall into the river, render her safari suit transparent, and display her waterproof mascara to full advantage. The flimsiest of plots and the crassest of ecological messages (uranium and capitalism versus nature and cannibalism) surround this general desire to disrobe the Andress form.

By: FF


Release details

99 mins

Cast and crew

Sergio Martino
Cesare Frugoni, Sergio Martino
Ursula Andress
Stacy Keach
Claudio Cassinelli
Antonio Marsina
Franco Fantasia
Lanfranco Spinola
Carlo Longhi
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