La Neige était sale

Film, Drama

Time Out says

The setting is a Nazi-occupied country (explicitly not France - quelle suggestion!) where Frank, the son of a blowsy brothel keeper, spends his days hanging out with the girls and their German clients, and his nights hanging out with the boys, stealing and black marketeering. Mired in self-disgust, he proceeds to ever greater atrocities - murdering an old lady who was kind to him as a child, arranging the rape of a naive neighbour who's in love with him - and finally, the depths plumbed, getting himself executed. The tone is non-sensational; indeed, from the start, the film seems as exhausted as its hero is by the finish: you wonder if the director even bothered to show up. Mostly, it induces gloom to no useful end.


Release details

104 mins

Cast and crew

Luis Saslavsky
Luis Saslavsky, André Tabet
Daniel Ivernel
Daniel Gélin
Jean-Pierre Mocky
Marie Mansart
Véra Norman
Nadine Basile
Valentine Tessier