La Nuit fantastique

Film, Fantasy

Time Out says

Better known for his silent films, L'Herbier here essayed a wartime escapist fantasy. A young man (Gravey) prefers his dream world to daytime reality, where he pursues his obsession, a mysterious goddess in white named Irène (Presle), who inhabits a small surreal world dominated by her father, a conjuror (Fabre). As in Woody Allen's Purple Rose of Cairo, the dreamer remains conscious of his edifying fiction, preferring it to reality. A bit rough around the edges: let's call it a semi-precious jewel.

By: SGo


Release details

89 mins

Cast and crew

Marcel L'Herbier
Louis Chavance, Maurice Henry, Marcel L'Herbier, Henri Jeanson
Fernand Gravey
Micheline Presle
Saturnin Fabre
Charles Granval
Jean Parédes
Bernard Blier
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