La Passione


Time Out says

Aside from creating bland AOR rock, Chris Rea also has a passion for motor racing and cars, especially those bearing the Ferrari marque. So much so that he's committed his childhood memories to celluloid with this semi-autobiographical 'musical fantasy'. It begins well enough with a sepia-toned Rea (played by Orange and later Gallagher) showing early signs of his Grand Prix obsession, but then the whole structure goes awry as we try to make sense of the jumps back and forth through stages of the singer's youth, the weird dream sequences, the absurdity of Shirley Bassey's cabaret turn, and the fact that his music is mostly out of kilter with the surreal imagery. The Ferraris look good, though.

By: DA


Release details

106 mins

Cast and crew

John B Hobbs
Chris Rea
Jan Ravens
Sean Gallagher
Carmen Silvera
Shirley Bassey
Paul Shane
Thomas Orange
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