La Présence réelle


Time Out says

A good example of how Ruiz, given a perfectly straightforward commission, will deliver anything but the expected. Ostensibly an essay on the Avignon Festival, it starts off with an actor puzzling over his 'virtual' presence on a videodisc about a Festival that hasn't happened yet, but where he can nevertheless be seen. If this sort of meditation on real and imaginary presence - on the differences between film, theatre, filmed theatre and theatrical cinema - had been developed more cohesively, it would have been a much more gripping film. But then it wouldn't have been Ruiz. As it is, the Gothic horror imagery, run-of-the-mill Magritte allusions, and staggeringly cut-rate special effects - felt pen on glass - are so many prodigal throwaways from a man who's often plagued with too many ideas for his own good.


Release details

60 mins

Cast and crew

Raúl Ruiz
Raul Ruiz
Franck Oger
Nadège Clair
Camila Mora
Catherine Oudin
Louis Castel
Jean-Loup Rivière