La Route de Corinthe

Film, Thrillers

Time Out says

One of the most outrageous films from Chabrol's first 'commercial' period, before Les Biches renewed critical interest in the wayward New Wave instigator. Released here cut, dubbed and lacking an essential prologue featuring a mad illusionist, lumbered with the title Who's Got the Black Box? in the States, it's a wonderfully maddening mix of clattering allusions (to Greek tragedy and Hitchcock), characteristic black humour, and stunning visual irrelevancies, all poured into the deliberately banal mould of the spy thriller. 'I do not ask you to believe it, but I suggest that you dream about it' runs the film's opening epigraph. 'The silliness was more important than the spying' runs Chabrol's own retrospective line.


Release details

100 mins

Cast and crew

Claude Chabrol
Claude Brûlé, Daniel Boulanger
Jean Seberg
Maurice Ronet
Christian Marquand
Michel Bouquet
Saro Urzi
Antonio Passalia
Claude Chabrol
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