La Signora di Tutti


Time Out says

Ophuls' only Italian film, in which once again his subject is female sexuality - as a 'danger' or threat, as a source of beauty, as a marketable commodity. The film star Gaby Doriot (Miranda) attempts suicide, and under anaesthetic she recalls the events that shaped her life. Commerce, industry and high finance are viewed with sharp irony throughout, but the melodrama centres on a seductive ambiguity: is Gaby a victim of those around her, or their willing accomplice? As ever, Ophuls' highly mobile camera shows rather than tells, emotionally sensitising all it lights upon.

By: TR


Release details

97 mins

Cast and crew

Max Ophuls
Max Ophuls, Hans Wilhelm, Curt Alexander
Isa Miranda
Memo Benassi
Tatiana Pavlova
Nelly Corradi
Federico Benfer
Franco Coop
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