La Vie est belle

Film, Drama

Time Out says

Papa Wemba, one of Zaire's most exuberant and enterprising musicians, plays Kouru, a traditional musician whose popularity dwindles when local villagerslatch on to the more exciting possibilities of electric instruments. Kouru decides to travel to the city to pursue his dream of becoming a superstar. In his eventful, funny journey to success, he lands a job as a houseboy and falls in love. Only problem is, he and his boss fall for the same woman...Set against the bustling backdrop of the town of Kinshasa, the film paints a more honest and vivid picture of African life than any blockbuster with sunset safari scenes ever could. And Wemba is given plenty of scope to perform, leading to a joyous all's well that ends well musical finale, 'La Vie est belle'.

By: IA


Release details

72 mins

Cast and crew

Benoît Lamy, Ngangura Mweze
Ngangura Mweze, Maryse Léon, Benoît Lamy
Papa Wemna
Bibi Krubwa
Landu Nzunzimbu Matshia
Kanku Kasongo
Lokinda Menji Feza
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