Film, Thrillers

Time Out says

Berry is an actor whose short stay in jail goes wrong when he is innocently involved in a breakout. One of the guards (Bohringer) gets his knee shot off, and vengefully hounds Berry through a further prison sentence, playing sado-masochistic cat-and-mouse games spiced with a little homophobia. The psychological thriller in which the victim needs the torturer as much as vice versa is familiar territory, but any game which can only reach a sudden death resolution is always good value. Unfortunately, what the film would propose as a happy ending for the hero is in fact the point when his troubles are just beginning. CPea.


Release details

87 mins

Cast and crew

Denis Amar
Denis Amar, Jean-Pierre Bastid, Jean Curtelin
Richard Berry
Richard Bohringer
Victoria Abril
Farid Chopel
Fabrice Eberhard
Daniel Sarky
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