Ladies on the Rocks


Time Out says

The original title translates as Chaos Behind the Scenes, a neat summary of the lives and art of Micha and Laura, heroines of Thomsen's anti-romantic film and stars of their own comic cabaret. Abandoning loved ones, the women take to touring Denmark's damp autumnal provinces with their increasingly truculent show. The act is a success, but Micha and Laura's pleasure in their new life is spoiled by the failure of the old one, and by a suspicion that the ideals of both are largely fantasy. Although the message is unclear, it is delivered with an ingenuous vitality. And a curious optimism emerges from the film's waxy gloom: a triumph of large spirit over small aspirations, of bravura performance over pallid script.


Release details

110 mins

Cast and crew

Christian Braad Thomsen
Christian Braad Thomsen, Helle Ryslinge, Annemarie Helger
Helle Ryslinge
Annemarie Helger
Flemming Quist-Møller
Hans Henrik Clemmensen
Gyda Hansen