Ladies on the Rocks


Time Out says

The original title translates as Chaos Behind the Scenes, a neat summary of the lives and art of Micha and Laura, heroines of Thomsen's anti-romantic film and stars of their own comic cabaret. Abandoning loved ones, the women take to touring Denmark's damp autumnal provinces with their increasingly truculent show. The act is a success, but Micha and Laura's pleasure in their new life is spoiled by the failure of the old one, and by a suspicion that the ideals of both are largely fantasy. Although the message is unclear, it is delivered with an ingenuous vitality. And a curious optimism emerges from the film's waxy gloom: a triumph of large spirit over small aspirations, of bravura performance over pallid script.

By: FD


Release details

110 mins

Cast and crew

Christian Braad Thomsen
Christian Braad Thomsen, Helle Ryslinge, Annemarie Helger
Helle Ryslinge
Annemarie Helger
Flemming Quist-Møller
Hans Henrik Clemmensen
Gyda Hansen
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