Lady Caroline Lamb

Film, Action and adventure

Time Out says

Bolt's debut as a director from his own script about the darling of English society who rocked the boat with her scandalous behaviour - ha, ha. She bolts through the woods in boy's clothing, marries a conscientious liberal politician (Finch), and outrages the British way of life by not being discreet (as Mother was) in who she chooses to fuck, where, when, and how often, as well as by turning up at a fancy- dress ball near-naked and blacked up as Byron's slave. Plus the film has a theme: reason versus passion. It's the end of the Age of Reason, and she is all passion while most of those around her still bow to reason. But it is impossible to take seriously on a historical or an ideas level - the 2D characters refuse to be plugged in to anything beyond the studio sets around them. On the other hand, the film won't deliver Hollywood-type glamour either. Bright spot: Richard Chamberlain as Byron gets the white-clad early 19th century ladies' knickers twisted very effectively in eye-liner and lip-colour.


Release details

123 mins

Cast and crew

Robert Bolt
Robert Bolt
Sarah Miles
Jon Finch
Richard Chamberlain
John Mills
Margaret Leighton
Pamela Brown
Ralph Richardson
Laurence Olivier
Peter Bull
Sonia Dresdel
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