Lady in the Lake

Film, Thrillers

Time Out says

Suffering by comparison with The Big Sleep (made a year earlier), this celebrated Chandler adaptation is stubbornly loopy: shot entirely with subjective camera, it lets the audience see the world through Marlowe's eyes. Hired to track down someone's hated wife, you stumble on a dead body, and as Audrey Totter offers you her lips, darkness fills the screen: you have closed your eyes. Even novelty items like mysterious puffs of smoke from invisible cigarettes cannot disguise the high irritation factor in what Chandler himself described as 'a cheap Hollywood trick'. It really needed the magnificent panache of an Orson Welles, who had planned a '40s version of Heart of Darkness - about another Marlowe - in the same subjective style. DMacp.

By: DMacp


Release details

103 mins

Cast and crew

Robert Montgomery
Steve Fisher
Robert Montgomery
Jayne Meadows
Tom Tully
Audrey Totter
Leon Ames
Lloyd Nolan
Lila Leeds
Dick Simmons
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