L'Affiche Rouge


Time Out says

Blood-red posters featuring portraits of wanted 'terrorists' decorated every street wall in occupied France during World War II, and this account of how 23 foreigners working for the Resistance were caught and executed dramatises one of the heroic myths of the Occupation. But Cassenti adopts a radically different perspective from the humanist 'honesty' of L'Armée des Ombres or even Lacombe Lucien, and instead attempts a Marxist analysis of the myth and what it means, historically, to re-enact it. As it moves from one level of representation to another with a Brechtian approach to performance, the film occasionally obscures its aims but never fails to challenge the way we receive history in the cinema.

By: MA


Release details

90 mins

Cast and crew

Frank Cassenti
René Richon
Maya Wodeska
Pierre Clémenti
Anicée Alvina
Laszlo Szabo
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