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Grad student Dale (Tony Mamet, persuasive in a largely passive role) takes a summer job as a night cook on a freighter working the Great Lakes. It's a man's world (script by David Mamet, wordy and theatrical) and Dale's initiation, a tongue-lashing from the captain (Durning) for not knowing his evacuation number, is harsh. Before long, however, the men start to open up to him, particularly Joe (Forster), who confides in the youngster about his lost dream to become a ballet dancer) and his emotional state (a suicide attempt). Forster's performance hints at a world of pain beyond the boredom and bonding of the month-long voyages.

By: NRo


Release details

98 mins

Cast and crew

Joe Mantegna
David Mamet
Charles Durning
Peter Falk
Robert Forster
JJ Johnson
Denis Leary
Tony Mamet
Jack Wallace
George Wendt
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