Larks on a String


Time Out says

This satire was completed in 1969 and promptly banned by the authorities put in place in Czechoslovakia after the Soviet invasion of 1968. If it's easy to see why the apparatchiks weren't exactly chuffed with it, Menzel's still not the most hard-hitting of film-makers: here, as sundry bourgeois types are relocated to a '50s Stalinist factory workplace for 're-education', the focus is as much on their romantic misadventures with the women in the adjoining camp as it is on dissecting the harsh injustice of the system. For those who savour whimsy.

By: TJ


Release details

90 mins

Cast and crew

Jirí Menzel
Bohumil Hrabal, Jirí Menzel
Rudolf Hrusinsky
Václav Neckar
Vladimir Brodsky
Leos Sucharipa
Jitka Zelenohorska
Nada Urbankova
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