Film, Action and adventure

Time Out says

Somewhere in the Hollywood hills there's a computer loaded with a software programme called BuildaStar. A hack punched in the script requirements for this intended star vehicle for Selleck: an action yarn pitting an American loner against evil Nazis, bent coppers, a sultry girl-friend; sardonic sex with a lashing of perversity and gratuitous nudity; dare-devil stunts and chases for excitement; pseudo-moral dilemmas for the more intellectually inclined; period London settings (1939) for a hint of authenticity. The computer duly scanned the files in its memory, notably the ones labelled James Bond, The Sting, Steve McQueen's Motor-Bike Scenes and Cary Grant/ Negligée Number from Bringing Up Baby, and cobbled them all together into an Adult Entertainment.

By: HH


Release details

100 mins

Cast and crew

Roger Young
David Taylor
Tom Selleck
Jane Seymour
Lauren Hutton
Bob Hoskins
Joe Regalbuto
Ed Lauter
Warren Clarke
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