Last Night at the Alamo


Time Out says

The Alamo is a seedy, smoke-filled bar in contemporary Houston, populated by proud, foul-mouthed Texans hell-bent on defending their favourite haunt against demolition. All hopes focus on rough, tough Cowboy (Davis), a braggart hero concealing his balding pate beneath a ten-gallon hat and his fear of impotence beneath boasts of high connections in the state capital. Pennell's razor-sharp black comedy overcomes its low budget and limited locations by means of marvellous monochrome camerawork and a vivid, ironic script by Kim Henkel (who co-wrote the similarly dark and delirious Texas Chain Saw Massacre) to produce a caustic commentary on filmic myths and male foibles ('A man's gotta do...'). Yet the colourful collection of no-hope good ole boys are never reduced to mere cardboard to be satirised; through excellent performances, our emotions are enlisted for these beautiful losers, boozing and brawling their way towards a final violent conflict that would touch the heart of John Ford himself.


Release details

80 mins

Cast and crew

Eagle Pennell
Kim Henkel
Sonny Carl Davis
Louis Perryman
Steven Mattilla
Tina-Bess Hubbard
Amanda Lamar
Peggy Pinnell