Law and Disorder

Film, Comedy

Time Out says

Sub-Ealing caper from the regular team of Crichton and writer TEB Clarke (with help from Patrick Campbell): clergyman Redgrave is actually a crook who passes off his frequent spells inside as missionary trips to Africa, but when his innocent son gets a job assisting judge Morley, the swindler's underworld cronies snap into action to prevent the truth being revealed. Mild fun sustained by the usual slew of British character types. Based on the novel Smugglers' Circuit by Denys Roberts.

By: TJ


Release details

76 mins

Cast and crew

Charles Crichton
TEB Clarke, Patrick Campbell, Vivienne Knight
Michael Redgrave
Robert Morley
Elizabeth Sellars
Ronald Squire
George Coulouris
Joan Hickson
Lionel Jeffries
Brenda Bruce
John Le Mesurier
Irene Handl
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