Le Corbeau


Time Out says

David Thomson calls Clouzot's a 'cinema of total disenchantment'. This exposé of a malicious small town in France must be one of the most depressed films to emerge from the period of the German Occupation: everyone speaks badly of everyone else, rumours of abortion and drug addiction are rife, and a flood of poison-pen letters raises the spiteful hysteria to epidemic level. Clouzot's misanthropy concludes in total defeat; his naggingly over-insistent style occasionally achieves a great blackness.

By: CPe


Release details

93 mins

Cast and crew

Henri-Georges Clouzot
Louis Chavance
Pierre Fresnay
Pierre Larquey
Micheline Francey
Ginette Leclerc
Louis Seigner
Noël Roquevert
Roger Blin
Héléna Manson
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