Le Dialogue des Carmélites

Film, Action and adventure

Time Out says

Only Bresson, perhaps, could have done justice to Gertrud von le Fort's novel of Carmelite martyrdom during the French Revolution (already adapted for the stage by Bernanos and opera house by Poulenc). What it got instead was the ultra-static co-direction of Bresson's cinematographer (Agostini) and a fashionable 'literary' priest (Bruckberger). Though a potentially moving study of grace (in the most literal, theological sense) under pressure, neither of these qualities is very conspicuous in this pallid Sunday school picnic of a film.

By: GAd


Release details

113 mins

Cast and crew

RL Bruckberger, Philippe Agostini
RL Bruckberger, Philippe Agostini
Jeanne Moreau
Alida Valli
Pascale Audret
Madeleine Renaud
Pierre Brasseur
Georges Wilson
Jean-Louis Barrault
Claude Laydu
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