Le Journal de Lady M


Time Out says

It's a stormy Parisian night. Tempestuous Spanish painter Diego (Puigcorbé) shelters in a club doorway and is strangely attracted by the music within. Soon he's transfixed before girl pop-group Lady M, ogling the lead singer (Mézières) undulating in a silk slip. Their ensuing tangled affair is written up in Lady M's diary, with much pen-sucking and curling up on sofas. This project clearly meant something to Mézières and Tanner, but, like their first collaboration, A Flame in My Heart, it turns out to be little more than ill-written (but graphic) soft porn. When Diego's wife Nuria (Wouassi) joins the couple in bed, M pleads, 'Save me from becoming a dead tree.' Worth seeing, if at all, for the sex, but mostly just plain silly.


Release details

112 mins

Cast and crew

Alain Tanner
Myriam Mézières
Myriam Mézières
Juanjo Puigcorbé
Félicité Wouassi
Antoine Basler
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