Le Paltoquet


Time Out says

There's been a death in a French flophouse, but virtually all of the film takes place in a deserted factory which Moreau has turned into a gloomy café of sorts. Here four men play bridge while the Dior-draped Ardant languishes in a hammock. One of them is a killer. The barman (Piccoli in fine whimsical form) is the 'nonentity' of the title; he presides over the game-playing, and cues bursts of loud music: Janacek, for example, serves to herald the entrance of the detective (Yanne) determined to unravel the murder mystery. When not being abused by the customers, Piccoli reads a copy of the thriller by Franz-Rudolph Falk on which the film is based: its subject, in other words, is nothing but itself. This is Robbe-Grillet intertextualised with Greenaway, and the result is an enthralling tediousness.

By: MS


Release details

93 mins

Cast and crew

Michel Deville
Michel Deville
Fanny Ardant
Daniel Auteuil
Richard Bohringer
Philippe Léotard
Jeanne Moreau
Michel Piccoli
Claude Piéplu
Jean Yanne
An Luu
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