Le Père Tranquille

Film, Comedy

Time Out says

Sub-titled 'The life of a French family during the Occupation', this low key melodrama sets out to tell the French a story they were anxious to hear in 1946. Middle-aged insurance agent M. Martin seems to lead a dull life, caring only for his family and his orchids. Secretly though, he's leader of the local Resistance cell. The reputations of Clément and writer/star Noël-Noël may have faded, but such scenes as the killing of a Gestapo spy, or the moment when Martin's daughter realises the truth indicate that their cinematic reflexes used to be pretty sharp. But overall it's too tendentious to take seriously.

By: BBa


Release details

97 mins

Cast and crew

René Clément
Nadine Alari
Howard Vernon
Paul Frankeur
Marcel Dieudonné
Claire Olivier
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