Le Père Tranquille

Film, Comedy

Time Out says

Sub-titled 'The life of a French family during the Occupation', this low key melodrama sets out to tell the French a story they were anxious to hear in 1946. Middle-aged insurance agent M. Martin seems to lead a dull life, caring only for his family and his orchids. Secretly though, he's leader of the local Resistance cell. The reputations of Clément and writer/star Noël-Noël may have faded, but such scenes as the killing of a Gestapo spy, or the moment when Martin's daughter realises the truth indicate that their cinematic reflexes used to be pretty sharp. But overall it's too tendentious to take seriously.


Release details

97 mins

Cast and crew

René Clément
Nadine Alari
Howard Vernon
Paul Frankeur
Marcel Dieudonné
Claire Olivier
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