Le Petit Matin


Time Out says

A coyly maudlin romance set in Occupied France during WWII, all about an adolescent girl, much given to riding dreamily around on a white horse, and her love affairs - of varying degrees of intensity and fulfilment - with said horse, a childhood playmate who turns out to be gay (Baltauss), and a handsome young German soldier (Carrière), also much addicted to galloping about. Always a prettifier, Albicocco drenches the whole thing in a pale green tint, so that even shots of Jewish deportees look like chocolate-box tops. There's a fulsome Francis Lai score to match the decoratively swirling mists prevailing in the area, and despite a would-be tragic ending, the whole thing is marshmallow through and through.

By: TM


Release details

115 mins

Cast and crew

Jean-Gabriel Albicocco
Pierre Kast, Jean-Gabriel Albicocco
Catherine Jourdan
Mathieu Carrière
Madeleine Robinson
Jean Vilar
Christian Baltauss
Margo Lion
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