Le Rempart des Béguines


Time Out says

A self-consciously 'artistic' film about lesbianism, so coy that one spends much of the time wondering whether the older woman is 'bohemian' - she wears kimonos and has a taste for black Russian cigarettes - or just a high class tart. The story's about a poor little rich girl, only child of a widowed politician, whose furtive emotions blossom at the hands of his mistress, around which Casaril is content merely to weave pretty pictures. They're such an unsympathetic bunch - cold fish of a father (Martin), the mistress (Courcel) overbearing and tetchy, and the daughter (Alvina) spoilt - that with Casaril prepared to take them at face value, it's difficult not to lose interest fast and resign oneself to yet another sex movie.


Release details

90 mins

Cast and crew

Guy Casaril
Guy Casaril, Françoise Mallet-Joris
Nicole Courcel
Anicée Alvina
Venantino Venantini
Jean Martin
Ginette Leclerc
Yvonne Clech
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