Le Vice et la Vertu


Time Out says

De Sade was all over the publicity for this film, but is excluded from its credits. Nevertheless, it's Justine and Juliette updated to 1944-45. Justine (Deneuve), churchgoing, loyal to her fiancé in the Resistance, is forcibly consigned to an SS brothel in the Tyrol. Meanwhile her sister Juliette (Girardot) is infatuated with a Gestapo brute who lets her sit in on his torture sessions. Only the cast makes this worth a look. The sex contrives to be both tame and vulgar, and Vadim's fancy lighting effects - dimming out the set in mid-scene and putting a spot on the characters - just looks silly. What with this and Pasolini's odious Salò, it's clear that Sade and WWII are subjects best treated separately.

By: BBa


Release details

105 mins

Cast and crew

Roger Vadim
Roger Vadim, Roger Vailland, Claude Choublier
Catherine Deneuve
Annie Girardot
Robert Hossein
OE Hasse
Philippe Lemaire
Luciana Paluzzi
Paul Gégauff
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