Leap into the Void


Time Out says

Bellocchio's quirky subversion of bourgeois family values revives all the strengths of two earlier works (Fists in the Pocket and In the Name of the Father) with its tale of a middle-aged, incestuously puritanical judge (Piccoli) gradually destroyed by the hesitant love affair between his sister (Aimée) and a young anarchist actor. The treatment is perhaps less cruel, but Bellocchio continues the stylisation and claustrophobia of his earlier images - and with them the debt to the wise, angry, anti-patriarchal cinema of Jean Vigo.

By: CA


Release details

120 mins

Cast and crew

Marco Bellocchio
Marco Bellocchio, Piero Natoli, Vincenzo Cerami
Michel Piccoli
Anouk Aimée
Michele Placido
Gisella Burinato
Antonio Piovanelli
Anna Orso
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