Leatherface: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre III

Film, Horror

Time Out says

Banned from general release by the BBFC on the grounds that it is excessively violent - and you'd have a hard time arguing the point. Blending the gritty, documentary quality of Tobe Hooper's original with the whacked-out psycho-comedy of Part II, Burr's darkly self-referential nightmare concerns a young couple's journey into the broiling Texan hinterlands, where Leatherface and his monstrously inbred companions await. Pursued by a jeepster from hell, covered in tanned and tortured human flesh, the 'normal' pair soon find themselves on the menu at a dinner engagement with the cannibal family: Leatherface, his two moronic brothers, feisty grandmother and corpulent grandfather, and the newest addition, a l2-year-old blond moppet who can't wait to get busy with the sledgehammer. While the on-screen gore is actually no more overt than in many mainstream horrors, what gives this its edge is the extent to which it revels in the atrocities depicted. A relentlessly sadistic and worryingly amusing movie, which will entertain and offend in equal measure.


Release details

81 mins

Cast and crew

Jeff Burr
David Schow
RA Mihailoff
Kate Hodge
Ken Foree
Viggo Mortensen
William Butler
Joe Unger