Legal Eagles


Time Out says

Never trust a film with a character named 'Chelsea'. Here, the silly moniker belongs to Daryl Hannah, a New York boho accused of murder and saved by two crusading attorneys in the shape of Redford and Winger. The plot meanders through trial scenes, further killings, a ludicrous performance-art display by the shapely Hannah, and various tussles - sexual and otherwise - between La Winger and la Redford. It all concludes with a big fire and an even bigger courtroom drama. Everything seems to revolve around an art fraud, though that's never quite clear since this plot falls into the category kindly known as 'baggy'.

By: RR


Release details

116 mins

Cast and crew

Ivan Reitman
Jim Cash, Jack Epps Jr
Robert Redford
Debra Winger
Daryl Hannah
Brian Dennehy
Terence Stamp
Steven Hill
John McMartin
Roscoe Lee Browne
Christine Baranski
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