Legend of the Werewolf

Film, Horror

Time Out says

This carries all the earmarks of a disaster-ridden project. Lurching from a hopeless opening sequence - in which a Look at Life voice-over 'explains' the werewolf in decidedly bland terms - into a disastrously unfocused section featuring Hugh Griffith as a travelling showman, it finally settles down to being an only faintly more coherent tale of werewolf murders, set in a grade-school version of fin de siècle Paris. The script is particularly preposterous, and even Cushing looks disconcerted by the shambles around him.

By: VG


Release details

90 mins

Cast and crew

Freddie Francis
John Elder Anthony Hinds
Peter Cushing
Ron Moody
Hugh Griffith
Roy Castle
David Rintoul
Stefan Gryff
Lynn Dalby
Renee Houston
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