Lemon Popsicle


Time Out says

A brazen and none-too-kosher attempt to transplant American Graffiti to 1958 Tel Aviv, where (despite the Hebrew signs in the ice-cream parlour) the juke-boxes pound out the California sound. Parading its tastelessness like a strong suit, the movie graphically follows a trio of sexually obsessed teenage boys through their first experiences of love, sex and rejection, and the classroom sweetheart through her first abortion. Were it not for their (and the camera's) fixation on private parts, the characters might be seen as taking their emotional range from the ever-present hit parade - with which the movie shares a blind indifference to the social and political climate. Lots of milk and honey, but there has to be more to the promised land than this.

By: JD


Release details

100 mins

Cast and crew

Boaz Davidson
Boaz Davidson, Eli Tabor
Yiftach Katzur
Anat Atzmon
Jonathan Segal
Zacki Noy
Deborah Kaydar
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