Leo the Last


Time Out says

Boorman's brief return to Britain, after Point Blank and Hell in the Pacific and before Deliverance, produced this calculatedly bizarre art movie that won him the best director award at Cannes and met with zero commercial success. A surreal vision of Notting Hill culture clash, between Mastroianni's reclusive, convalescent aristocrat and his variously deprived neighbours, it takes place in some impossible overground extension of Turner's basement from Performance, and yet assumes the visual and intellectual contours of a down-to-earth, contemporary Zardoz, by turns insightful and infuriating as it intervenes in 'social problem' areas armed only with precarious fantasy.

By: PT


Release details

104 mins

Cast and crew

John Boorman
William Stair, John Boorman
Marcello Mastroianni
Billie Whitelaw
Calvin Lockhart
Glenna Forster-Jones
Graham Crowden
Gwen Ffrangcon-Davies
David de Keyser
Vladek Sheybal
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