Leopard in the Snow


Time Out says

From the moment Susan Penhaligon is rescued from a dangerous blizzard in the Cumberland fells by a limping and morose racing driver (Dullea) out for a walk with his pet leopard, addicts of the Mills & Boon publishing formula will know they're on safe ground. There is the usual deft substitution of anger for sex ('You're so twisted,' cries Susan, in tears), and the careful manipulation of a colourless fiancé figure. It's fortunate that the film takes itself so seriously, since the poker-faced approach helps to define and dilute the blatant sexism. Alternatively funny or disarmingly old-fashioned.

By: DP


Release details

94 mins

Cast and crew

Gerry O'Hara
Anne Mather, Jill Hyem
Susan Penhaligon
Keir Dullea
Jeremy Kemp
Billie Whitelaw
Kenneth More
Yvonne Manners
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