Les Beaux Lendemains de Téheran


Time Out says

Picking up the baton of Kiarostami and his compatriots, this apparently semi-fictional docu-drama charts the adventures of a French documentary unit recording the experiences of Iranian youth under the reformist Khatami government. Run-ins with old native friends and relatives, chance street encounters and quarrels among the crew occupy far more time than formal shooting (the 'real' video material is marked by a grainy blue tone), but while the format can be too tricksy for its own good, this is an eventful film, affably populated, that finds a sprinkling of small subtle insights into modern Iranian society. (Warning: the subtitles on the review tape were not outlined and often illegible.

By: NB


Release details

102 mins

Cast and crew

Reza Khatibi
Reza Khatib, Esfandiar Esfandi, Arielle Halfon, Anahita Maafi
Jean-Philippe Cheru
Sabrina Delarue
Esfandiar Esfandi
Iradj Esmaili
Anahita Maafi
Reza Khatibi
Jocelyn Muller
Goldmund Seiller
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