Les Enfants du Marais

Film, Comedy

Time Out says

This 'gentle' yarn set in the Loire valley in the 1930s, follows an odd couple of odd-jobbers - Riton (Villeret) and Garris (Gamblin), muddling through life in relative poverty - and their friendships with various locals. Thus we meet middle-aged bachelor and dandy Amédée (Dussollier), who grins boyishly and introduces them to jazz on his gramophone; Tane (Boudet), who drives a train, so isn't around much; and bored self-made industrialist Pépé (Serrault), who finds his priggish family stultifying. Riton is an idler who waxes alcoholic on the marvels of his long-lost first wife, while his straight friend Garris secretly nurses a footloose spirit. The tone is lyrical and bittersweet - Garris develops a crush on a local girl (Carré) who heads elsewhere; Pépé rediscovers the rustic joys of his childhood - which is, perhaps, poignant, supposing you can rouse yourself to care a hoot. It's narrated by Riton's little daughter, who takes a shine to Pépé's grandson, and falls ill somewhere along the story; and, lest there seem a dearth of dramatic tension, there's an imprisoned ex-champion boxer (Cantona) who blames Riton for his misfortunes and swears revenge.

By: NB


Release details

115 mins

Cast and crew

Jean Becker
Sébastien Japrisot
Gisèle Casadesus
Jacques Gamblin
André Dussollier
Eric Cantona
Michel Serrault
Isabelle Carré
Suzanne Flon
Jacques Boudet
Jacques Dufilho
Jacques Villeret
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