Les Mistons

Film, Comedy

Time Out says

Five boys, themselves tormented by the first stirrings of adolescence, torment a young woman on whom they are fixated, trailing around after her as she tries to spend the summer holidays with her boyfriend. There's an overdone commentary, but the kids - hot, bothered and obnoxious with it - are the authentic article. Leroux's throbbing score and Lafont's physical presence - optimum femaleness, guaranteed to rattle any pubescent male - are just right. The startling slow-mo shot of a boy sniffing the saddle of Lafont's bicycle may be seen as, among other things, Truffaut's rude rejoinder to Old Wave sentimentalism.


Release details

26 mins

Cast and crew

François Truffaut
François Truffaut, Maurice Pons
Gérard Blain
Bernadette Lafont
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