Let Him Have It


Time Out says

Nearly 40 years after his execution, the case of Derek Bentley - backward, epileptic, and hanged for a shooting committed by someone else - looks unlikely to be shut away in the drawer of history. Medak's first film since The Krays shares a concern for post-war London low-life, justice, and - on the downside - a preoccupation with early yoof-culture and a too gangsterish treatment of sordid crimes. On November 2, 1952, Bentley and his under-age mentor in criminality, Chris Craig, were caught on the roof of a Croydon warehouse by police, one of whom was fatally shot by 16-year-old Craig after Bentley had uttered the ambiguous words, 'Let him have it, Chris.' Medak's film is an angry story told with great force by very fine actors: notably, Courtenay as Bentley's decently impotent dad, Atkins as his tortured mother, Reynolds as the yobbish Craig, and Eccleston's doomed Derek, rising manfully to a climax that will leave only the heartless without need of a hanky.

By: SGr


Release details

115 mins

Cast and crew

Peter Medak
Neal Purvis, Robert Wade
Chris Eccleston
Paul Reynolds
Tom Courtenay
Tom Bell
Eileen Atkins
Clare Holman
Mark McGann
Michael Gough
Ronald Fraser
James Villiers
Clive Revill
Michael Elphick
Murray Melvin
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