Let It Snow


Time Out says

Five-year-old James is left in the care of his 'grammy' (Malina) while Dad goes to find himself and Mom (Peters) searches for her chakras. Grammy's advice to little James is 'stay away from love', believing the family to be cursed - 'the men always leave and the women go crazy'. Grown-up James (Marcus) meets and shares special 'snow days' off school with girl next door Sarah (Dylan), but, believing he's cursed, he doesn't let her know his true feelings. Years after they've gone their separate ways, they meet up again, but by now she's met another man. Desperate to prevent her marriage to the wrong man, James attends hilarious open-mic therapy sessions and above all prays for another snow day. Something of a departure for the director of Jason Goes to Hell, the last of the 'Friday the 13th' series, this is unashamedly romantic and entertaining by turns.

By: JFu


Release details

89 mins

Cast and crew

Adam Marcus
Kip Marcus
Kipp Marcus
Alice Dylan
Bernadette Peters
Henry Simmons
Miriam Shor
Judith Malina
Sandra Prosper
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