Lethal Weapon 2

Film, Thrillers

Time Out says

This wastes no time in assuring fans that Martin Riggs still loves getting involved in crazy things. A high-speed chase, explosive crash and helicopter rescue all slot neatly into the opening ten minutes. The villains are South African diplomats who run a lucrative drugs syndicate, and it's up to Riggs (Gibson) and his long-suffering partner Murtaugh (Glover) to throw away the rule books and bring justice to bear. Various trademarks of the original are repeated, notably the violence and the grudging affection between the mis-matched partners. Indeed, in this sequel their friendship has been enhanced, with Riggs virtually a member of Murtaugh's family. Joe Pesci makes a welcome appearance, albeit in a silly role as a bumbling accountant who has laundered narcotics money. By concentrating on the often frustrating, funny relationship between the three men, the film gains in humour but loses some of the momentum and panache which distinguished the original.

By: CM


Release details

114 mins

Cast and crew

Richard Donner
Jeffrey Boam
Mel Gibson
Danny Glover
Joe Pesci
Joss Ackland
Derrick O'Connor
Patsy Kensit
Darlene Love
Traci Wolfe
Steve Kahan
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