Letter to Brezhnev


Time Out says

Two girls bus it optimistically into Liverpool one night. One works as a chicken stuffer, the other is unemployed. The former rediscovers the joys of shameless rumpy-pumpy, while the other finds romance in the shape of a Russian sailor. He legs it back to Omsk, leaving matters to be fixed by 'a letter to Brezhnev'. Writer Frank Clarke and director Chris Bernard have made an escapist fantasy of cartoon-like simplicity (the love affair is, at times, ridiculously overblown) but rooted it in realistic observation which is gritty, energetic, and wonderfully funny. Exuberantly performed, the result is seductive - something like Bill Forsyth, except tougher, and taking due mileage from the fact that Liverpool is England's only mythological city.

By: RR


Release details

95 mins

Cast and crew

Chris Bernard
Frank Clarke
Alfred Molina
Peter Firth
Margi Clarke
Alexandra Pigg
Tracy Lea
Ken Campbell
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