L'Homme au Chapeau de Soie

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Max Linder (1883-1925) was a pint-sized, dapper dynamo who bustled through his films wearing a permanent grin, partly benevolent, partly mischievous. By about 1910 he had fixed his persona - man about town, the silk topper his emblem, precise movement and fastidious timing his hallmark - and in a series of one-reelers (Max the Bullfighter, Duellist, Skier, etc) became internationally popular. Having overseen the revival of her father's later Hollywood movies Maud Linder now presents this biographical tribute, largely dealing with Max's pre-WWI work, via a profusion of extracts and actuality footage. She wraps things up swiftly and with discretion. With a year-old baby and on the eve of starting a new movie, Max and his wife cut their wrists and bled to death. 'No explanation came to light,' says Maud Linder tonelessly.

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97 mins

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Maud Linder
Maud Linder
Max Linder
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