L'Homme de Désir

Film, Thrillers

Time Out says

Delouche's film is reverentially shot in the style of Bresson: the pious, anguished hero inhabiting a world in which everyday objects are infused with mystical significance, and where natural sounds serve to emphasise the individual's essential isolation in a universe where man's only possible relationship is directly with God. Uneasily grafted on to this act of homage is the ménage à trois tale of a man's infatuation for a hitchhiking youth he has picked up, a relationship which develops with all due encouragement from his wife. The story is reminiscent of Chabrol's Les Biches, in fact, and is best enjoyed as a thriller. The contrast between the urbane, relaxed world of the man, and the underworld night existence of the youth, is handled with a remarkable sureness until the working-out of the respective fates of the two characters, when our sympathy is shifted from the corrupt impotence of the man to the unworthy pocket-picking boy unwillingly drawn into the man's cruel and ultimately masochistic pursuit.


Release details

100 mins

Cast and crew

Dominique Delouche
Dominique Delouche
François Timmerman
Eric Laborey
Emmanuelle Riva
André Falcon
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