Lies My Father Told Me


Time Out says

A distinctly warm-hearted tale of a Jewish childhood in Montreal in the 1920s. Grandfather, a rag-and-bone man, adheres to the old ways, frowning upon the brash commercial instincts of his son-in-law, and winning the favour of his grandson with his whimsical ways. Some attempt is made to sketch in ghetto life and to draw out a child's emotional reading of an adult world. But too often the film merely begs the audience's indulgence, asking it to register no more than its clucking approval or disapproval.


Release details

102 mins

Cast and crew

Ján Kádar
Ted Allan
Yossi Yadin
Len Birman
Marilyn Lightstone
Jeffrey Lynas
Ted Allan
Barbara Chilcott
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