Life Is to Whistle


Time Out says

This philosophical, gently magical movie tells of the lives of three Cubans - a nurse to the elderly Julia, 'bum' Elpidio and ballet dancer Mariana - all in the throes of emotional change. It's narrated by 20-year-old Bebe (whom we see in various places: in flashback as a child at the same orphanage as the three principals; burbling words from inside an aquarium). Like a benign Greek god, he oversees the struggles of the others, using a taxi driver to ferry them about Havana in order to accelerate their fates. It's an affirmative movie in a 'seize the day' mould, which sighs at, rather than attacks, Cuba's unfinished revolution.

By: WH


Release details

110 mins

Cast and crew

Fernando Pérez
Eduardo del Llano, Humberto Jiménez, Fernando Pérez
Luis Alberto García
Coralia Veloz
Claudia Rojas
Bebe Pérez
Isabel Santos
Rolando Brito
Joan Manuel Reyes
Monica Guffanti
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