Life or Something Like It


Time Out says

'Things happen,' says the opening line. Let's try something here. See if you can guess what. Gorgeous Seattle reporter Lanie (Jolie - blonde!) seems to have it all (penthouse, sporting boyfriend, and the chance of a network job in New York) except that her boss insists that she work with Pete, a cute laidback cameraman (Burns), and he thinks her life has no meaning. When a street prophet predicts Lanie has only a week to live, something happens - guessed it yet? If not, and you care, you may well enjoy the attempts of director Herek to reprise a classic romantic comedy of a bygone era. You may appreciate his attempts to codify Lanie as a childhood geek by putting glasses on a pretty girl, and find that her notion of living her last days to the full (leaving her lenses out, eating fast food) is a total riot, but I doubt it. In truth, there is nothing to recommend this film. Jolie's first attempt at comedy ought be her last, though if there's ever an Olympic event for pouting... Oh, for something not to happen in Hollywood.

By: JFu


Release details

104 mins

Cast and crew

Stephen Herek
John Scott Shepherd, Dana Stevens
Angelina Jolie
Edward Burns
Tony Shalhoub
Christian Kane
James Gammon
Melissa Errico
Stockard Channing
Lisa Thornhill
Greg Itzin
Max Baker
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